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Arai RX-7V with FREE UK & FREE EU Delivery

The new RX-7V (RX7-V) (RX7V) is the pinnacle of Arai's experience, knowledge and know-how in helmet technology.  Arai have designed a completely new Variable Axis System (VAS) for the Visor and  this has enabled then to give visor a moving pivot point.  This allows the visor to open and close even with the 24mm lower mount position.  By making the visor position lower, Arai has improved the helmets ability to 'glance off' in the event of an impact.  Arai's philosophy is that it is the ability of a helmet to glance off objects that avoids sending energy directly into the helmet.  In real world situations Arai believe that a helmet should not just comply with acknowledged test standards, it should exceed them in circumstances and situations outside the criteria of those standards.  

A standard laboratory test required by most standards is the drop test, which tests a helmet at one point only. Real world scenarios are very different.  In accident situations most cases show that helmets hit obstacles at an angle , not vertically. By learning through their long illustrious history, Arai have designed the R75 shell to be rounder, smoother and stronger, enhancing the ability of the helmet to both disperse and distribute impact energy.

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