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Schuberth S2 - Tech Blue - Small Only!

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Product Description


Schuberth S2

 ** Special Offer from Helmet City **

Buy a Schuberth S2 Helmet and SRC System together and save £47.50!
Helmet City will fit the SRC System to your Helmet and give you the £47.50 saving. Please contact us if you require further information.


With the S2 Schuberth presents its new helmet for sporty tours. The innovative helmet with integrated sun visor will appeal to sports riders and motorcycle tourists. It is a real all-rounder.

With its novel ventilation system and the distinctive air scoop at the back of the head it ensures the rider's head remains pleasantly cool. Thanks to the distinctive front spoiler on the edge of the helmet closure the contact pressure at high speeds is increased, thus relieving the neck muscles. It provides the highest quality in terms of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics.


General Information for the Schuberth S2 Lines White Grey:

High-performance aerodynamics

The S2 is specially set for the riding posture of motorcyclists on tours/sporty tours and remains stable in the air flow. The special shape of the helmet shell and the edge of the helmet closure ensure appreciably enhanced contact pressure. The S2 creates practically no upward lift, even at higher speeds. In addition, the S2 also offers lower air resistance and high directional stability. The buffeting is also significantly reduced on naked bikes.

-    Perfected aerodynamics
-    Upward lift = 0!
-    Directionally stable
-    No oscillatory tendency
-    No buffeting

Inner Sun Visor

Operated by a slide lever located conveniently on the left lower chin area, as indicated by the arrows in the image above.

Aeroacoustics of the S2
A quiet helmet means active safety for the motorcyclist: this permits the rider to concentrate on riding – particularly at higher speeds.
Many hours in the Schuberth acoustics wind tunnel have ensured that the S2 is quiet. The comprehensive acoustics package with optimised helmet shell, wind deflector and ergonomic shape of the neck padding make the S2 – at 85 dBA – one of the quietest helmets of all.

    Acoustics package makes helmet quiet
    Installation of a wind deflector enables the aeroacoustics and consequently the noise level to be improved still further.
    Only 85dB(A) at 100 km per hour (with naked bikes)

Acoustic Basics
Sound intensity is a phenomenon which can be explained logarithmically/mathematically. A 10 dB(A) jump in noise level is perceived by the human ear as a doubling of the noise level. Conversely a drop of 10 dB(A) is perceived as a halving of the noise level. Physically these changes in the perceived noise level already occur at an increase or decrease of 6 dB (A). This means that the increase/decrease in the physical load is higher than the one perceived.

Aeroacoustics are influenced by:
 -   the position of the helmet in the air flow, depending on the driver's size and riding posture and the motorcycle's fairing
 -   Fit of the helmet: differences in the anatomy of the wearer's head, neck and shoulder areas

 -  change the position of the windscreen
 -  close the gap at the bottom of the helmet, e.g. using a scarf


Innovative ventilation system

The S2 is equipped with an innovative ventilation system. The combination of multipath channels in the EPS foam shell and the head, chin and mouth ventilation ensure that fresh air is distributed efficiently throughout the entire head area. The fresh air which enters via the forehead ventilation is conducted through the inner shell's air channels well beyond the back of the head to the rear of the helmet. The low pressure prevailing at the rear of the helmet causes the interior air to be extracted constantly through the air outlets and the special mesh fabric in the neck padding.

 -   Head ventilation input (adjustable in multiple stages)
 -   Chin vent for targeted distribution of the incoming air in the helmet

 The S2's powerful ventilation system
  -   Chin vent
  -   Variable pad system
  -   Visor vent
  -   Adjustable head vent
  -   Active air extraction system
  -   EPS shell with ventilation segments

 CO2 ventilation
  -   In cold weather it often occurs that with closed air supply the motorcyclist's neck zone becomes sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs.
  -   The concentration of carbon dioxide inside the helmet is a key safety criterion for preventing symptoms of fatigue and the thinning of breathable air.
  -   No negative effects on health need be feared as long as the CO2 concentration remains below 3.5 %.
  -   The maximum level of CO2 concentration at the workplace is 0.5 %
 -   Even when the neck zone is sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs, this helmet guarantees that the CO2 concentration remains below the 0.5% limit as from a speed of approx. 30 km/h.
 -  In cases where the helmet is completely sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs, the visor ought to be opened (city-travel position) for safety reasons when idling, for example at traffic lights, or travelling slowly.


The helmet

Outer shell
The outer shell of the S2 is offered in two helmet shell sizes and combines an aerodynamically optimal shape with excellent protection. It is manufactured using Schuberth's typical compression moulding process and thus permits great stability and a low weight.
 -   Shell material: S.T.R.O.N.G. fibre
 -   Helmet shell technology from SCHUBERTH permits low weight
 -   Glass fibre with a special resin added is compressed in a vacuum at high pressure to form a helmet shell which is exceptionally sturdy.

Inner shell

The helmet shell of special EPS foam is modular in design to ensure optimal shock absorption. This complex segmentation guarantees enhanced force absorption and distribution and maximum safety.
 -   Made of specially optimized EPS foam
 -   Complex multizone foaming allows optimal shock absorption

Inner lining

A special inner lining of the S2 which was developed according to the innovative Comfort Fit concept ensures that the helmet fits comfortably and securely in all situations.
The combination of carefully selected COOLMAX® and Thermocool® materials and the additional use of Interpower® coatings also make the inner lining a highly-effective moisture removal and cooling system.
 -   COOLMAX® pad system, completely removable and washable (hand wash, 30°C)
 -   Optimized fit
 -   Variable for effective ventilation
 -   Adjustable for summer/winter
 -   Allergen-free
 -   Antibacterial
 -   Removable comfort cheek pads and head band pads

Fastener system

  -  Precise setting of the chinstrap length through adjustment on both sides.
  -  Micro-lock ratchet lock

Reflex pads
The silver-coloured appliqués of reflective material which are in included in the nape zone of every SCHUBERTH helmet ensure that the motorcyclist can be seen better, especially in twilight or at night.
 -   Improved visibility = Enhanced safety
 -   Enhancement of the passive safety
 -   Early recognition by other road users

The visor
Anti-Fog Insert Visor
Condensation & fog-free thanks to its double glazing technology
 -   "City position" for maximum ventilation while travelling slowly

Visor mechanism
 -   The EasyChange visor mechanism makes changing visors extremely quick and simple.
 -   Change of visor without tools


Anti-Roll-Off System
- A.R.O.S.
The Anti-Roll-Off System (A.R.O.S.) especially developed by SCHUBERTH is provided as a safety feature in every SCHUBERTH motorcycle helmet. It ensures that provided the chinstrap is closed and correctly adjusted:
 -   the helmet cannot pivot off the head from behind
 -   the risk of contact between the chin section of the helmet and the chin or throat of the rider is minimised due to the small angle of tilt and
 -   the consequences of the helmet coming into contact with the chest as the result of an accident are reduced.

Bluetooth S2 SRC System ready

schuberth-s2-src-bluetooth-main-pic-200.jpg (Click image for more info)


The S2 is by default equipped to accommodate the SCHUBERTH
SRC-System™ S2 (available in summer 2012). To guarantee ideal radio reception for you, the S2 is already equipped with two integrated
antennas to boost reception and a Bluetooth® connection
 -   Optimum reception quality at all times
 -   Bluetooth® antenna for wireless mobile, navigation and intercom connections to other SRC-System™ owners

Click here for more information

Please be aware that Schuberth Helmets purchased from 1st January 2016 come with a 2 year warranty.  To increase the Warranty to 5 years it MUST be registered directly with Schuberth. Please see the link below to visit the Warranty Registration page:



Supplied with clear visor as standard.

Helmet City is a Genuine UK Schuberth Stockist and only supplies Official UK Helmets.

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Product Reviews

  1. Schubert S2 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Nov 2017

    The helmet fits perfect, the service and the delivery were great organised.

  2. Great purchase 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Jun 2017

    High quality and great fit!

  3. Guter Service und sehr schneller Versand 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Aug 2016

    nach der Bezahlung über VISA durch ein zertifiziertes und vertrauenswürdiges Bezahlsystem
    wurde der Helm in außergewöhnlich kurzer Zeit per DPD geliefert - bin sehr zufrieden mit der gesamten Abwicklung. Der Helm wurde am Freitag versendet und war am Dienstag da!!! Nur bei der Adresseingabe gab es Probleme da zwar der Firmen-Name erschien, aber nicht mein persönlicher Name, aus welchem Grund auch immer.
    Der Schuberth-S2-Helm selbst ist Topp - fahre den schon seit 4 Jahren und würde keinen anderen haben wollen, er ist relativ leise und sehr windstabil auf der Autobahn, verursacht keinerlei Nackenprobleme etc. auf meiner Bandit 1200S - also uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen.

  4. excessive wind noise... 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jul 2016

    The helmet fit and finish is great, materials are high quality. The only complaint is the excessive wind noise. For the retail price and the reputation of this helmet it is very noisy.
    Ear plugs must be worn to tolerate wearing this helmet for long periods of time. Very disappointing!!!!!!

  5. Great Helmet, great service 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Jan 2016

    Comfortable, light and great value. Only criticism is the velcro chin guard scratched my face when I first put it on but once adjusted works like a dream.

  6. Shuberth with s2 seconds Bluetooth system 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jan 2016

    Great fit really helped with the sr2 Src fitted by yourselves ordered Saturday arrived Tuesday

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