Axxis Helmets


Axxis Helmets

AXXIS HELMETS has been taking firm steps for three years on its way to becoming a major player among helmet manufacturers. Its great growth as a company is the result of launching products that have reached the stores with a different philosophy; a youthful and dynamic spirit, innovative designs and the enthusiasm of a brand that wants to create its own path. To this end, we've established our own processes of constant improvement in order to offer our customers and distributors the most satisfactory product possible, with the highest levels of quality and safety.



Each AXXIS helmet, is made out of fiber composite or polycarbonate and three main elements, the external shell, shock absorbing EPS liner and the accessories such as comfort linings, retention system, shield and ventilation.

The final assembly of a helmet is undertaken by a technician who follows a strict process which is then supervised by our quality control to ensure that it is done correctly.



The arrival of the new ECE 22.06 certification has highlighted the dedication of our engineering team that, thanks to the work it has carried out over the last few years, has made AXXIS Helmets a specialist in safety approvals.

AXXIS helmets have been approved by the most demanding international homologations. The DOT CERTIFIED (USA), ECE/UN 22.06 (EU) and PJ certifications for Flip Up or modular helmets meet the homologation standards that are only granted when all helmet components have passed the previously established safety tests.