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  1. HJC RPHA-11 Mike Wazowski & Deadpool

    HJC RPHA-11 Mike Wazowski and Deadpool 2

    Now at Helmet City are the brand new HJC RPHA-11 Mike Wazowski & Deadpool designs.  These are another two great designs from HJC and you will certainly get noticed wearing either one of these - maybe more the Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc fame, given the bright colour and crazy design!

    The RPHA-11 is a completely new helmet in every aspect. New shell, new visor, new interior, new EPS, new ventilation. However, the product's central theme is the 'aggregation of marginal gains'. The many little gems of feedback provided by racers

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  2. Simpson Motorcycle Helmets with FREE UK & EU Delivery

    Simpson Motorcycle Helmets now in stock

    Helmet City now have delivery of a new range of Simpson ECE approved Venom motorcycle helmets.  Available in 12 different colours, including a Carbon Version, all with an internal sun visor. 

    Designed 100% with motorcycle riders in mind, the Simpson Venom is prepared to handle just about any type of riding in killer style and complete comfort. The lightweight shell has been aerodynamically tuned for motorcycle riding, and is fully ventilated for maximum airflow when you need it the most. Integrated speaker and microphone pockets make it easy to install your favorite communication device, and a drop-down s

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  3. Arai RX-7V - Kiyonari

    Arai RX7-v Kiyonari

    Arai RX-7V - Kiyonari
    The RX-7V represents the summit of Arai's knowledge, experience and know-how in helmet technology. With a completely new PB-SNC outer shell, the revolutionary VAS (Variable Axis System) visor system and a significant increased smoother area around the temples, the RX-7V offers the new benchmark in the premium helmet segment. From the also new Eco Pure liner with an even slimmer frame, to the new ducts, improved diffuser and the integrated Air Channels, every part shows the attention to detail that is so typical

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  4. The Helmet City Guide to buying a Motorcycle Helmet

    The Helmet City Guide to Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

    The Helmet City guide to buying a Motorcycle Helmet

    A poorly fitting helmet may not only be uncomfortable, more noisy and may move around when riding if too big or give headaches etc if it is too small, it is also dangerous. A helmet simply will not protect or perform as designed if the head inside it is not snuggly fitted against

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