Oxford Clothing

Oxford Products Rider Wear

Helmet City have a full range of fantastic Oxford Product clothing available, Oxford’s 40+ years of expertise in the motorcycle industry has been applied in full to its range of motorcycle rider wear.

Although it’s important that clothing looks the part, most of the work goes into the elements you never see – internal panelling, stitching methods, new construction techniques, material testing, pattern development, approval standards and so on. Detail is everything; every stitch, every panel, every fold is considered.

Attention to detail and technical integrity are the hallmarks of all Oxford’s products, but true genius is found in the invention of ways to offer the highest levels of performance in products which the average person can afford.

With an entirely blank canvas and the simple remit of producing the most technically advanced and desirable motorcycle apparel at real-world prices, Oxford has created something very special…

…a full range of textiles, leathers and gloves which offer truly unparalleled levels of comfort, protection, style and technical integrity.