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  1. Klim Helmets and Clothing

    Klim Helmets & Motorcycle Clothing

    Helmet City now have available Klim Motorcycle Helmets and Clothing, with some of the range being stocked in a selection of our retail shops (please contact them before travelling)

    Click here for our Retail Shop details...... 

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  2. HJC RPHA-90 Flip Up Helmet on Sale

    HJC RPHA-90 Flip-Up Helmet on Sale at Helmet City

    HJC RPHA-90 Flip-Up Helmet on Sale
    Save up to £200!

    HJC RPHA-90 Flip Up Modular Helmet

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  3. RST Motorcycle Clothing for Men and Women

    RST Biker Clothing

    RST Motorcycle Clothing

    RST Motorcycle Clothing for Men and Women

    RST can trace its history back to 1988, with a simple idea, to produce a range of motorcycle clothing that offered exceptional value and quality combined with cutting edge design and style. RST started with a range of gloves and over the years, has built into not only the UK’s number one, but also a globally recognized brand offering all types of motorcycle clothing.;

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  4. Vemar Helmets now available

    Vemar Motorcycle Helmets

    The top among Vemar’s flip up helmet range. A real modular helmet, extremely versatile, built by thinking at those who want the safety features of a full-face helmet with the possibility to switch to the comfort of an open face. The easily removable protective chin bar can be replaced by plates for covering the lifting mechanisms, and a panoramic visor completes the transformation of a flip-up helmet into a real open face. Enlarged field of view for a limitless vertical and peripheral vision and visor ready to fit Pinlock® MaxVision® lenses. Particularly comfortable fitting, drop-down sun visor covering completely the visual field and Vemar Klima Sys

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  5. LS2 Valiant Flip-Up Helmet

    LS2 Helmets at Helmet City

    Wherever you are. Wherever you go. In the city or in the open road. In winter or in summer. The LS2 VALIANT is such a versatile helmet that will become part of you. Because it's doubly certified as a Full face and a Open Face helmet. Because of its unbelievable price. Because it only weights 1700 gr. What more could you ask for? A 180º swing-around chin bar. Excellent lateral visibility. And so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it.


    A proprietary blend of polycarbonate, space age thermoplastics and additional materials specifically formulated by LS2, KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy) Offers ultra-light

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