Simpson Motorcycle Helmets now in stock

Helmet City now have delivery of a new range of Simpson ECE approved Venom motorcycle helmets.  Available in 12 different colours, including a Carbon Version, all with an internal sun visor. 

Designed 100% with motorcycle riders in mind, the Simpson Venom is prepared to handle just about any type of riding in killer style and complete comfort. The lightweight shell has been aerodynamically tuned for motorcycle riding, and is fully ventilated for maximum airflow when you need it the most. Integrated speaker and microphone pockets make it easy to install your favorite communication device, and a drop-down sun visor makes riding through changing light conditions a breeze.

After many years of close cooperation for manufacturing their SNELL and FIA car racing helmets, the famous US brand Simpson Performance Products asked Vemar to add a touch of modern design and comfort to their iconic motorcycle helmet. The result is the all-new Simpson Venom which combines an aggressive street-fighter look with first class comfort and technical specs. The original design has evolved to fit the needs of the modern riders. The shell reminds of the 70’s unique Simpson design, but noise reduction and aerodynamics has been substantially improved. The shell features Maxx‑3C tricomposite technology and a lighter, full carbon version is available. The EPS hosts the wide channels of the VKS (Vemar Klima System), which provides the right airflow at any adjustment. The enlarged field of view provides a limitless vertical and peripheral vision; Pinlock® MaxVision® lenses are included in the box and the drop-down sun visor covers the whole field of view.

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